4 Reasons Why Storytime is Important

By Amy Pelch October 20, 2017 Reading can so often be seen as an individual or personal activity. Yet, when we read a great book all we want to do is tell everyone about it, join book clubs, hear the author read it, or read it with our friends! For children especially, reading together can […]


5 Banned Children’s Books That May Surprise You

By Felicity LuHill & Amy Pelch September 29, 2017 This week is Banned Books Week! Banned Books Week is a time to celebrate the freedom to read and celebrate great books that have previously been censored. Banned Books Week was launched in 1982 by the American Library Association, and for 35 years, libraries and publishers across America […]

Father and son

Emotional Lessons Through Children’s Books

By Zenobia Jackson September 15, 2017   Many books coach parents and educators on how to teach children social skills such as empathy, manners, and sharing. But an even better way to introduce these concepts to children is through children’s literature. There are many books that expose children to the social skills they need as […]


4 BIG Tips For Going Back to School

By Felicity LuHill September 1, 2017   It’s that time of year again! Whether your child has been spending his summer out at the pool or participating in summertime enrichment activities, he’s going to have to adjust to heading back to school. Though most kids aren’t too happy about summer being over, there are some […]


4 Books That’ll Take You Around the World

By Zenobia Jackson August 11, 2017   One of my favorite quotes about literacy comes from Mason Cooley: “Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.” A great book allows one to travel along with the characters, to see what they see and to feel what they feel. […]


Getting Kids to Read by Choice

By Zenobia Jackson July 28, 2017 Allowing children, and specifically boys to select what they read can be a powerful change agent in the motivation to read. In the majority of schools, student choice is an education phrase that is thrown around to say that we are giving students choice in their learning. But in […]


3 Ways to Prevent Summer Slide

By Felicity LuHill July 10, 2017   What is Summer Slide? Summer Slide is a fun-sounding phrase for a serious issue. It’s the tendency to lose some level of knowledge or skill set achieved the previous school year during summer break. It is most likely to occur with struggling readers and children who “slide” out of […]


Create Your Own Declaration of Independence

By Felicity LuHill February 20, 2017   In honor of President’s Day, create your very own Declaration of Independence! With your early reader, either at home or in the classroom.   What you need: 3 Black Tea Bags Plain White Paper or Paper with the Declaration of Independence text*** Black Pen or Marker (a calligraphy […]


3 Takeaways From Alvin Irby’s Workshop

By Felicity LuHill June 30, 2017   A couple weeks ago, Barbershop Books Founder, Alvin Irby led his workshop, “Kale Salad & Boogers: How Cultural Competency Creates Transformative Reading Experiences” at the National Book Foundation’s conference, Why Reading Matters. Along with being direct about the issues young black boys face in schools today, Alvin also […]


8 Diverse Books to Read This Summer!

By Felicity LuHill June 12, 2017   Young Cornrows Callin’ Out the Moon by Ruth Forman – A fun portrayal of summertime in the city! Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña – A boy learns about compassion while riding the bus with his grandmother. Juna’s Jar by Jane Bahk – Juna’s kimchi jar lets her imagination soar […]