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Irby Review

Welcome to the Irby Review! Each month, Barbershop Books Chief Reading Inspirer, Alvin Irby, puts his proverbial pen to paper and delivers to you the most interesting articles that comes across his desk throughout the month.

Each article is though provoking, education related, and geared towards inspiring a love of reading among young Black boys.

If you have missed any of the past issues or want to read them again, here is a list of all the Irby Reviews:

March 2020: It Takes a Village

February 2020: It’s Not Really about the Money

January 2020: How to Get Kids to Read More This Year

December 2019: This Family Shares Story Love for Local Library

November 2019: Does TV and Video Games Stunt Healthy Development?

October 2019: Let’s Talk About Racism

September 2019: The Key to Black Boy’s Academic Success

August 2019: Literacy-Based Anti-Racism Approaches

July 2019: This Helped One Man Become a Millionaire 

June 2019: Don’t Let Kids Decline in the Summer

May 2019: It’s Never too Early to Help the Babies Read

April 2019: Kids Don’t Come with Instructions

March 2019: Impacts of Implicit Bias

February 2019: Relationship Building

January 2019: Untapped Opportunities

December 2018: Why We Need to Step Up

November 2018: Balanced Literacy

October 2018: Inspiration to Build Your Dreams

September 2018: New Insights and Adventures

August 2018: The Irby Review: Summer Recap

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