Reading So Lit Summer

Inspiring Black and Brown boys to read during the summer and beyond!

Animated boy reading with flashlight under cover

Reading So Lit Summer 2023 July 10th – 27th

Reading So Lit Summer is a virtual 3-week reading identity exploration program that helps Black and Brown boys (ages 6-8) explore, discover, and express their reading preferences. This innovative program uses relatable youth instructors, interactive virtual lessons, and hands-on reading activities to increase boys’ vocabularies and to inspire them to read for fun.

We hire and train male high school students of color (ages 16-18) to serve as reading role models. These youth instructors lead fun 1-hour virtual reading explorations twice a week with a cohort of 10 boys. Certified teachers observe each program session and provide coaching to youth instructors throughout the program.

Program Cost: FREE

Application Deadline: Friday, June 23, 2023

Program Days and Times

Mon and Wed: 10am – 11am or 12pm – 1pm


Tue and Thur: 10am – 11am or 12pm – 1pm

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Program Framework

Culturally Responsive

Integrates the interests and lived experiences of diverse children and communities.

Social-emotional Learning

Invites kids to explore their personal reading preferences and those of their peers.

Imaginative Play

Uses modeling and imaginative play to support equitable and inclusive learning experiences.