Identifying as a Reader BEFORE Learning to Read

By Felicity LuHill January 9, 2017   You may not consider a book the best toy for a kid who doesn’t yet know how to read, but you would be surprised how much being around books, even before a child learns to read, can make an impact. As a writer, pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing […]


10 Diverse Children’s Books To Read This Christmas

By Felicity LuHill December 19, 2016 The Most Precious Gift: A Nativity Story, by Marty Crisp N is for Navidad, by Susan Middleton Elya and Merry Banks When Christmas Feels Like Home, by Gretchen Griffith Who Built the Stable? by Ashley Bryan The Christmas Truck, by J.B. Blankenshop Happy Christmas Gemma, by Sarah Hayes King Island Christmas, by Jean Rogers […]


I don’t want your African American children’s book list!

Most publishers have African American, Latino, girl, or boy children’s book lists. Although useful, these cultural and gender-themed book lists are often inadequate, restrictive, and in many ways stereotypical. They are especially problematic for young black boys, many of whom are reluctant readers. Award-winning children’s book author and illustrator Christopher Myers wrote an opinion piece in […]