Spring Cleaning with Reading!

By Felicity LuHill March 21, 2017   It’s officially spring, and what does that mean? Melting snow, longer days, and, that’s right, spring cleaning! When the skies are brighter and the weather starts to get warmer, I always feel rejuvenated. There’s a life-giving quality to this time of year, which is why productivity kicks into […]


8 Reasons Why You Should Read Aloud

By Felicity LuHill March 13, 2017   For Read Aloud Month, I looked into what reading to a child for 15 minutes a day can really do. People often underestimate the importance of reading to a young child that has little to no language skills. Here’s the truth about how important it is: Children often […]


Suspension Rates Impact Reading for Black Boys

By Corinne Bridgewater February 1, 2017   I read an article the other day that New York City is updating their discipline code to almost rid suspensions in K-2 classrooms. As an upper grade teacher, I worked at a school with a tremendous suspension rate, and saw how it hindered a lot of my students […]


How to Gain a Healthy Dose of Empathy

By Corinne Bridgewater January 25, 2017   Empathy or Compassion. Do I picture myself in your shoes, or do I understand that we wear different shoe sizes? With the education world growing mindfulness toward equity it’s important to take a step back and think – just how am I using my bias and awareness to […]