How to Follow the “Education Trends” of 2017

By Corinne Bridgewater January 4, 2017   The start of a new year means looking forward, and seeing what’s new in fashion, technology, and education! That’s right, like everything else, education is not immune to trends. In fact, they emerge every year, and as a parent it’s important to get the buzz. Here are some tips on […]

The Right Questions to Ask Your Early Reader

By Corinne Bridgewater December 21, 2016   Test time! Can you answer this question for each passage: What is the main idea?   Mr Bucket was the only person in the family with a job. He worked in a toothpaste factory, where he sat all day long at a bench and screwed the little caps […]


#BrothasRead Campaign

June 19, 2016 – July 19, 2016 Snap a reading selfie today! Use #BrothasRead This campaign was created to help change the narrative about black males and reading GOAL: Generate 10,000 photos of Black men and boys reading   Each Reading Selfie = $1 Donation The Good People Fund will donate $1 for each unique reading selfie to Barbershop Books, up […]