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Read the Book, Watch the Movie

We have received many tips on how parents across the country are inspiring their young readers and wanted to share with all of you in hopes to spread the good news. Are you currently trying to figure out how to inspire your young child? Need book suggestions? Looking for creative ways to get involved in […]


Need a Few Suggestions?

Now that school is back in session and your young reader is enjoying the joys of learning, the team at Barbershop Books thought it would be helpful to provide you with a short list of must-read children’s books that will keep your young reader inspired! Here are a few suggestions: Enough “America has been molded […]


New Insights and Adventures

It’s back-to-school time and I couldn’t be more excited! Although I’m no longer in the classroom, each fall I’m reminded of the joy of new beginnings and the importance of my educational journey. I hope your fall is filled with new insights and adventures. Here are a few great reads I encountered this month: Decades […]

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The Irby Review: Summer Recap

While I was preparing this month’s Irbry Review, I couldn’t help but notice that summer was coming to a close! As summer winds down and many of us prepare for the back-to-school season, it is refreshing to see so many amazing articles that highlight the importance of both parent and community engagement when building a […]