Book Distribution

Distributing 20,000+ books annually to under deserved communities.

About the Program

In partnership with Thriftbooks, America’s largest online retailer of used books, Barbershop Books has the unique opportunity to curate and distribute 20,000 children’s books annually to underserved communities throughout the United States.

Who are we partnering with?

We are partnering with schools, recreation centers, churches, and other community-based organizations to get high-interest, gently used books into the hands of kids in need.
If your organization serves at least 50 children and would like to become one of our Book Distribution Community Partners, complete the following application. Please review the Community Partner eligibility requirements and responsibilities before applying.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 501(c)(3) organization or informal community group with a demonstrated record of successful community service
  • Serve at least 50 children ages 9 (4th grade) and below
  • Reside in or provide service to a high-poverty community
  • Must provide at least 1 book recommendation from children served by your organization or group


  • Must distribute all books received from Barbershop Books for free (selling any of the donated books will result in immediate removal from the program)
  • Provide Barbershop Books with relevant quotes and pictures documenting your local book distribution efforts