Barbershop Books

Connects fun books to a male-centered space and involves men in boys’ early reading experiences.

How It Works

Partner with us to support fun early literacy experiences in local barbershops for Black boys and other vulnerable children ages 8 and below.

Kid-sized Bookshelf + Books

Colorful bookshelf and a curated set of 45 fun, boy-approved books.

Window Decal

Informs community that a barbershop helps the babies read.

Online Barber Training

Tips for engaging families and supporting reading in the barbershop.

Sponsor a New Shop

Launch the Barbershop Books program to an interested barbershop in your community.

Recommend a Shop

Connect us with a barbershop that wants to help the babies read.

Help Us Reach More Boys

Want to sponsor 5+ barbershops to create a larger impact?