Barbershop Books®

Connects reading to a male-centered space and involves men in boys’ early reading.

Black boy reading a book while getting his hair cut by a Black barber.

Inspire Reading = Change Lives

Partner with us to bring child-friendly reading spaces and early literacy training to barbershops in your community. For ages 8 and below.

Kid-sized Bookshelf + Books

Colorful branded bookshelf, cape, and a curated set of 45 boy-approved books.

Window/Floor Decals

Branded decals inform the community that a barbershop promotes early literacy.

Online Barber Training

Tips to engage kids/families and support fun reading experiences in the barbershop.

Barbershop Books® Program Materials

Sponsor a New Shop

Launch the Barbershop Books® program in an interested barbershop.

Recommend a Shop

Tell us about a barbershop that wants to promote reading for kids.

Help Us Reach More Boys

Would you like to sponsor 5+ barbershops?