Reading So Lit

Strengths-based literacy programming that helps kids explore and articulate their reading preferences.

How It Works

Our engaging slide decks, easy-to-follow lesson plans, and fun student activities empower educators, librarians, and even teens to support culturally responsive and strengths-based early literacy explorations during the school day, afterschool, and summer.

Student Outcomes

  • Support Reader Identity Development
  • Increase Reading Motivation
  • Improve Vocabulary and World Knowledge

Content Framework

Culturally Responsive

Integrates the interests and lived experiences of diverse children and communities.

Social-emotional Learning

Invites kids to explore their personal reading preferences and those of their peers.

Imaginative Play

Uses modeling and imaginative play to support equitable and inclusive learning experiences.

A supplemental early literacy program featuring Barbershop Books led training, 24 engaging lessons, and a 76-page hands-on student activity book. Reading So Lit Classroom’s flexible implementation design allows empowers educators, librarians, volunteers, or even teens to lead in-person or virtual programming.

Increase students’ reading identity, motivation, and vocabulary in just 30 minutes, a few days a week. As kids move thorough the program’s 24 fun reading explorations, they build a reader identity profile that can help educators and caregivers curate more personalized early literacy content and experiences that inspire children to read for fun.

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A 3-week virtual literacy program led by male high school students of color for Black and Brown boys ages 6-8 held during July and August.  Using a curated set of culturally responsive books, fun read alouds, engaging slide decks, supplies, and hands-on activities, this summer literacy program helps boys of color explore their reading preferences and inspires them to read during the summer and beyond.

The program’s flexible implementation design and easy-to-follow lesson plans allows for in-person or virtual programming. Reading So Lit Summer offers schools, libraries, and community-based organizations a fun, culturally responsive, and strengths-based option for summer reading enrichment.

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