Reading So Lit

Literacy content designed by Black early childhood educators to improve reading outcomes.

How It Works

Supplemental K-3 programming that gets kids excited about reading. We offer highly engaging slide decks, detailed lesson plans, and hands-on activities for school day, afterschool, and summer learning.

Student Outcomes

  • Increase Reading Identity
  • Increase Reading Motivation
  • Improve Reading Performance

Content Framework

Culturally Responsive

Integrates the interests and lived experiences of diverse children and communities.

Social-emotional Learning (SEL)

Invites kids to explore their personal reading preferences and those of their peers.

Imaginative Play

Uses modeling and imaginative play to support equitable and inclusive learning experiences.

A K-3 supplemental literacy program featuring online training, 24 fun lessons, and a hands-on student activity book. Its flexible implementation design allows for in-person or virtual instruction by teachers or support staff.

In just 30 minutes, a few days a week, schools and organizations can increase students’ reading identity and motivation, which directly impact reading performance.

Reading So Lit Classroom generates a unique reading profile for each student, which equips participating educators and caregivers with data they can use to create more personalized reading experiences in the classroom and at home.

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A summer literacy program for children ages 6-8 that features online training, 4-6 fun lessons, a curated set of books, hands-on activities, and program supplies for each participant.

Its flexible implementation design allows for in-person or virtual instruction by educators, camp counselors, or other trained staff.

Reading So Lit Summer offers caregivers and community-based organizations a fun, low-cost option for supplemental literacy support during the summer months when children are not in school.

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