TERRA Warriors by Alyssa Harden

This educational middle-grade chapter book series teaches kids ages 7-12 about the importance of sustainability and conservation, all while set against a story of magical superpowers, action adventure, and friendship. Developed with educational consultants and environmental scientists, included inside are fun facts, pictures, and educational descriptions about the animals featured in this book! 16-year-old Ava Garcia is recruited to join the world’s most elite environmental protection team – The Earth Rescue and Recovery Agency (T.E.R.R.A.). But if fitting in with her teenage teammates wasn’t hard enough, she also finds out she’s been given the huge responsibility of defending Earth’s animals from two of the most notorious poachers in the world. Will she capture the two troublemakers and earn her teammates’ acceptance? Or will she be forced to admit defeat and return home to her boring old life as a normal American teenager?

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