Cover of the book The Brown Crayon by Michael G. Williams and illustrated by Laura Burress. A black boy's hand holding up a brown crayon above a desk with paper, pencil, and a crayon box.

The Brown Crayon by Michael G. Williams

The Brown Crayon was written during the Covid-19 quarantine in 2020. In the midst of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor protests, hate and racism gaining momentum, and our children, of every color, witnessing it all, something was necessary to teach all kids that the color of their skin is not a crime. The class is given a homework assignment to write a poem about the crayon they randomly pick out of a bag. As the children see their crayons, one child is upset to see a brown crayon in their hand. What do their parents think of the assignment and the brown crayon? What can this child possibly write about the color brown? Are there good colors and bad colors? Why do we think that some colors are more desirable? The Brown Crayon helped a child show how to love themselves and the beauty that they actually possess!

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