We seek funders committed to systemic change for Black boys.

Foundations, corporations, municipalities, school districts, charter networks, library systems, fraternities, civic and professional organizations

Help change the narrative

Would you like to invest in the mission and work of Barbershop Books? We work with funders who share our commitment to improving reading outcomes for Black boys.

Our values lead the way…

  • Child Centered: We embrace the possibilities, strengths, and interests of children.
  • Leadership: We empower individuals and communities to expand learning opportunities
  • Fun: We inspire and model the joy of lifelong reading.
  • Collaboration: We partner with diverse community stakeholders to create systemic change.
  • Innovation: We develop unique, compelling, and transformational content and programs.
  • Excellence: We pursue measured impacts and organizational efficiencies that support long-term sustainability.

Help Fund Our Work

Partner with Barbershop Books to expand reading opportunities and improve early literacy outcomes for Black boys and other vulnerable children.