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My Barbershop Taught Me…

Hello friends, How are you? Thank you for subscribing to the Irby Review and sharing your thoughts with me each month. Here are some interesting articles I read recently that I think would be of interest to you. Building A Community for Black Male Teachers Superintendent Baron R. Davis of Richland Two School District in South Carolina is determined to hire more men of color […]

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Mental Health Needs of Black Boys

Hello friends, Thank you for subscribing to The Irby Review and sharing your thoughts with me each month! Here are some thought-provoking articles I discovered this past month that I want to share with you: Depression in Black Boys Begins Earlier Than You Think The possible causes of suicide, and the risk factors for Black boys 5-11 must be understood […]


4 Reasons Why Storytime is Important

By Amy Pelch October 20, 2017 Reading can so often be seen as an individual or personal activity. Yet, when we read a great book all we want to do is tell everyone about it, join book clubs, hear the author read it, or read it with our friends! For children especially, reading together can […]