Create Your Own Declaration of Independence

By Felicity LuHill February 20, 2017   In honor of President’s Day, create your very own Declaration of Independence! With your early reader, either at home or in the classroom.   What you need: 3 Black Tea Bags Plain White Paper or Paper with the Declaration of Independence text*** Black Pen or Marker (a calligraphy […]


Closing the Achievement Gap through Project-Based Learning

By Corinne Bridgewater January 11, 2017   Due to zoning, New York City is experiencing one of the highest segregated divide in schools since pre-integration. Many view this as an issue because schools with the highest concentration of African American and Latinos generally have the most outdated resources, untrained/inexperienced teachers, and as a esult low […]


I don’t want your African American children’s book list!

Most publishers have African American, Latino, girl, or boy children’s book lists. Although useful, these cultural and gender-themed book lists are often inadequate, restrictive, and in many ways stereotypical. They are especially problematic for young black boys, many of whom are reluctant readers. Award-winning children’s book author and illustrator Christopher Myers wrote an opinion piece in […]