4 Books to Celebrate Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, here are four great children’s books that celebrate the power and ingenuity of women: “Shaking Things Up: 14 Young Women Who Changed the World”  by Susan Hood and illustrated by Sophie Blackall, Emily Winfield Martin, Shadra Strickland, Melissa Sweet, LeUyen Pham, Oge Mora, Julie Morstad, Lisa Brown, Selina Alko, […]


3 Takeaways From Alvin Irby’s Workshop

By Felicity LuHill June 30, 2017   A couple weeks ago, Barbershop Books Founder, Alvin Irby led his workshop, “Kale Salad & Boogers: How Cultural Competency Creates Transformative Reading Experiences” at the National Book Foundation’s conference, Why Reading Matters. Along with being direct about the issues young black boys face in schools today, Alvin also […]

U.S. School Children Watch President Obama’s Speech

Why White Kids Need Diverse Children’s Books

by @alvinirby  June 19, 2015 The devaluation of black lives doesn’t happen overnight nor is the process of dehumanizing those associated with blackness limited to a single ethnic group. All over the world, we find big black men standing outside bars, nightclubs, and department stores, while their lighter-skinned relatives exercise a different, and arguably, a […]


8 Diverse Children’s Books to Read this Spring

By Felicity LuHill April 3, 2017   “Oh Yes! Oh Yes! It’s Springtime!” by Susan Ring, Jeff Borkin, and Andy Mastrocinque: Join the Little Einsteins as they travel through time and space to help their friend baby tulip bloom! “Who Likes Rain?” by Wong Herbert Yee: It’s April showers, which means grabbing rain gear and jumping into puddles. […]


3 Things Kids Teach Us About Race

By Felicity LuHill March 28, 2017   I was recently introduced to a study CNN did on children’s perception of race, “A Look at Race Relations Through a Child’s Eyes:” Though it’s important to note that this study was done in 2012, I believe the conclusions of this study are still pertinent to today. On […]


On Writing Cross-Culturally with Andrea Pinkney

By Felicity LuHill March 6, 2017   I’ve just finished two Saturday classes titled “Writing Cross-Culturally: Diversity in Children’s and Teen Literature,” with Andrea Pinkney, editor at Scholastic, esteemed author and Coretta Scott King Award Winner for “Hand in Hand: Two Black Men Who Changed America.” For our class, Andrea listed the “ingredients” of writing […]


10 Diverse Children’s Books To Read This Christmas

By Felicity LuHill December 19, 2016 The Most Precious Gift: A Nativity Story, by Marty Crisp N is for Navidad, by Susan Middleton Elya and Merry Banks When Christmas Feels Like Home, by Gretchen Griffith Who Built the Stable? by Ashley Bryan The Christmas Truck, by J.B. Blankenshop Happy Christmas Gemma, by Sarah Hayes King Island Christmas, by Jean Rogers […]


I don’t want your African American children’s book list!

Most publishers have African American, Latino, girl, or boy children’s book lists. Although useful, these cultural and gender-themed book lists are often inadequate, restrictive, and in many ways stereotypical. They are especially problematic for young black boys, many of whom are reluctant readers. Award-winning children’s book author and illustrator Christopher Myers wrote an opinion piece in […]