It’s Audiobook Appreciation Month!

Wednesday June 14, 2023 By Barbershop Books

Black boy opening a book called Fly Guy! in front of a Barbershop Books bookshelf.

June is Audiobook Appreciation Month!

Audiobooks are a fun alternative to traditional reading. A study from the Gallant Lab at UC Berkeley found that hearing a story activates the same portion of your brain as reading. So listening to audiobooks isn’t “cheating” but a wonderful way to keep your child engaged. ⁠

Want to know how to celebrate? Check out our tips for celebrating Audiobook Appreciation Month below!

  • Peruse your library’s audiobook section for free titles you can bring on the go.
  • Listen to an audiobook with your child on your way to daycare or school.
  • Play an audiobook of your child’s favorite book while you do household chores like cooking or cleaning.
  • Check out the Storytime section of the Barbershop Books E-Library for a combination of audio and traditional reading. Our E-Library has a collection of 60 Storytime videos and over 40 digital childrens books written by diverse authors.

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