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Reading So Lit Classroom Pilot

This coming school year, it will be more important than ever to make reading relevant and engaging for our very young students. In support of all the dedicated, passionate, and creative educators helping the babies read each day, Barbershop Books is excited to introduce Reading So Lit Classroom; a new K-3 supplemental literacy program for schools! Through this […]

Barbershop Books Question – Tis’ the season

‘Tis The Season

Dear Barbershop Books supporter, This is the first holiday season under the new reality that touches us all. And although we can’t connect with all of our loved ones as we used to, this is still the season to pause, reflect and share joy when we can. Sharing the joy of reading with young Black […]

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5 Children’s Books About Math

Indulging in a fun children’s book is a great way to increase out-of-school time reading and learn the ins and outs of math simultaneously! Here are 5 children’s books that will help your child explore math through reading. How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? Mr. Tiffin and his students explore skip counting and estimation in […]


Tips to help your child become a better reader

Parents – we know it can be tough to help your child find their love of reading so we’re here to offer some practical tips and tricks. Here’s a few tips from educator and Chief Reading Inspirer, Alvin Irby:   Create a reading routine – take weekly/monthly trips to the library or book store. Also, […]

6 Diverse Books to Read This Week 

Happy first day of the fall season! Fall is one of our favorite seasons because it’s filled with fun adventures found both in books and our own backyards. Orange-hued leaves tumbling in the wind, nights snuggled up with a great book and apple cider, and our all-time favorite activity of visiting the pumpkin patch are […]

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Mental Health Needs of Black Boys

Hello friends, Thank you for subscribing to The Irby Review and sharing your thoughts with me each month! Here are some thought-provoking articles I discovered this past month that I want to share with you: Depression in Black Boys Begins Earlier Than You Think The possible causes of suicide, and the risk factors for Black boys 5-11 must be understood […]

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New Shops, New Opportunities

Outdoor activities are innate to summer, but please remember to take time to read indoors and outside. Lead by example. Show your children how to enjoy reading outside of the classroom. Sign them up for a summer reading challenge and frequent a public library. Barbershop Books in the Media D.L. Hughley Radio on TVOne Darryl Lynn “D.L.” […]


Use It or Lose It

Hello friends, It’s summer time, school is over and it’s equally if not more important for you, your students and your own children to keep on reading! Let’s lead by example. Here are some relevant articles about is topic, and more, I discovered in the past month that I want to share with you: How To Encourage Your Kids To […]


Kids don’t come with instructions…

“There is no app to replace your lap: Read to your child.” Hello, Thank you for subscribing to The Irby Review. The Irby Review is a monthly newsletter from Alvin Irby, founder of Barbershop Books. For insights on current events in education, read Irby’s commentary on these interesting articles. Reading to Your Toddler? Print Books Are Better Than […]